On July 16th, 2011 Chris Dufour sustained a spinal cord injury resulting from a swimming accident. Chris broke his C6 vertebrae and dislocated his C5 and C7 vertebrae which has left Chris as a quadriplegic. He has no movement or feeling from the chest down as well as no finger function. Since the first few days at Dartmouth Hitchcock Chris has made great gains. From not being able to scratch his nose to doing 45 degree pull ups in a seated position using assisted grip gloves. Currently Chris attends therapy five days a week. Because of the lack of medical coverage for the aggressive therapy he receives, we created this website. This site is dedicated to helping Chris raise money so he can continue with rehabilitation as well as all adaptive needs to help him regain strength and independence moving forward.

What is Quadriplegia?

Cervical (neck) injuries usually result in four limb paralysis. This is referred to as Tetraplegia or Quadriplegia. Injuries above the C-4 level may require a ventilator or electrical implant for the person to breathe. This is because the diaphragm is controlled by spinal nerves exiting at the upper level of the neck. The well documented horse riding accident of Christopher Reeve (Superman) resulted in a ‘complete’ spinal cord injury above C3 and he had to use a mechanical ventilator via a hole in his throat to breathe. C-5 injuries often result in shoulder and biceps control, but no control at the wrist or hand. C-6 injuries generally yield wrist control, but no hand function. Individuals with C-7 and T-1 injuries can straighten their arms but still may have dexterity problems with the hand and fingers.


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